Madelin is an independent entrepreneur, engineer, designer, and artist living in New York. She was an early engineer at Square, and has since worked with Facebook,, Intercom, Snap, and many early-stage startups. She’s currently CEO & Founder at Hello Walden.


I specialize in helping small startups build new products. I work as a glue between design, engineering, and product to ship fast and to build beautiful, interactive experiences.

Square, Software Engineering on Wallet, Market, & Receipts.

Facebook, Design Program Manager, launched Origami Studio & internal education programs, Engineering Lead, building financial tools for low-income Americans


Snap, Software Engineering for SnapKit microsite

Intercom, Software Engineering for marketing & microsites



As a maker and an artist, I strive to always be tinkering with new tools and mediums. Over the past few years, I've focused on discovering my process, and finding ways to execute on increasingly larger visions. 

Mt Zoomer

Enhance and gif your favorite creepers

100 Portraits of Nicolas Cage

How to get better at drawing portraits 

Give it Soul

A lasercut LED typographical planter

Plant Feet

Handmade planter boxes

Street Chairs

How to screen print in your bath tub

Popsicle Stick Wall

What to do with 5,000 popsicle sticks

Popsicle Stand

How to sell art online

Hack Radio

How to build an Internet radio station


How to make a custom dress form

Harmonic Pendulum

A mathematical exploration in CSS

Emoji Rings

The only reason 3D printing exists

Craft the Span

A yarn-made wall installation