As an early software engineer at Square, I focused on building products to support our e-commerce platform and merchant to buyer communication tools.

Receipts & Feedback

Tech: (email & web– Ruby on Rails, HTML/SASS/email, JavaScript/Ember)

Catalyzed the formation of a dedicated team tasked with the transformation of Square Receipts into a revenue-generating product. Implemented the views, business logic, and architecture for the current SMS, web, and email receipts. Developed Receipts into a platform for future products. Led the launches for breaking out into a separate service, internationalization, automatic receipts, and Seller Feedback program.


In 2014, Square sent 147 million digital receipts; in the first six months of 2015, Square sent 105 million digital receipts. These receipts resulted in over 1.5 million monthly feedback communications sent by buyers to sellers through digital receipts.


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Square Market

Tech: (Ruby on Rails, HTML/SASS, JavaScript/Ember)

As a member of the original implementation team, I built the core interactions of the e-commerce platform and the interactive landing page to our designers’ specs.

Square Market is one of the main revenue drivers for Square's business. I saw the product grow from our original hackathon project, all the way to production. As well as building the product, I was on the ground with our users, learning more about their needs for growing their business & supporting their products.



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Square Gift Cards

Tech: (JavaScript/Ember, HTML/SASS, CSS3 animations)

Built an Ember app for Square's Gift Card unboxing flow, a complex 3D web CSS animation, using Ember as a finite state machine to navigate through the various steps of the animation, for receiving a gift card through Square Wallet. 

See the animation in action


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