The rapid adoption of mobile technologies sent the world into a frenzy, forcing every industry to adapt and every designer to re-think the way that humans interact with technology. Having been in the trenches of Silicon Valley for the past 6 years, the majority of startups that I see still revolve around building iPhone apps mirroring the desktop web experience, services with increasingly complex business operations, and big gaming companies cranking out formulaic hits. Innovation is left to the large public corporations which were the startups of yesteryear, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent designers and engineers to rise up without going corporate.

There's still only a relatively small amount of innovation being done with the interaction between hardware and software. This is where I want to dive deeper, and this is where SVA comes in. Up to this point, I have focused mainly on the software side, and scaling a company as an individual contributor. The next step for me to move forward as a designer, engineer, and entrepreneur is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. I need to understand more both about the process of building a physical product, as well as learn how to build & scale a business or company of my own making. I believe that SVA can help me to grow in these areas.

I am particularly interested in building consumer or business tools & products. The tools that I value most enable creativity, provide significant value, create a magical experience, remove complexity, and reduce "eyes-on-screen" time from the user experience. I believe that the next step for innovation will come from designers who can code, engineers with business savvy, and design-oriented entrepreneurs. Through my work and studies, I aim to constantly be sharpening each of these areas and executing on visions of increasing size & quality.

SVA's Products of Design MFA program appears to be the perfect fit to build the skills and network that I'll need to accomplish these goals. Given my industry experience and passion projects, I believe that my background and interests align well with the type of students, projects, and faculty that SVA attracts.


Mt Zoomer

Enhance and gif your favorite creepers

100 Portraits of Nicolas Cage

How to get better at drawing portraits 

Give it Soul

A lasercut LED typographical planter

Plant Feet

Handmade planter boxes

Street Chairs

How to screen print in your bath tub

Popsicle Stick Wall

What to do with 5,000 popsicle sticks

Popsicle Stand

How to sell art online

Hack Radio

How to build an Internet radio station


How to make a custom dress form

Harmonic Pendulum

A mathematical exploration in CSS

Emoji Rings

The only reason 3D printing exists

Craft the Span

A yarn-made wall installation



As an early software engineer at Square, I focused on building products to support our e-commerce platform and merchant to buyer communication tools.

Receipts & Feedback

Tech: (email & web– Ruby on Rails, HTML/SASS/email, JavaScript/Ember)

Catalyzed the formation of a dedicated team tasked with the transformation of Square Receipts into a revenue-generating product. Implemented the web front-end (views, business logic, and architecture) for the current SMS, web, and email receipts. Developed Receipts into a platform for future products. Led the launches for breaking out into a separate service, internationalization, automatic receipts, and Seller Feedback program.


In 2014, Square sent 147 million digital receipts; in the first six months of 2015, Square sent 105 million digital receipts. These receipts resulted in over 1.5 million monthly feedback communications sent by buyers to sellers through digital receipts.


Wired: Square Turns the Lowly Receipt Into a Giant Opportunity

USAToday: Square looks to add value to digital receipts

AdWeek: Square Reinvents Digital Receipts With Simplified, Real Customer Feedback 

BusinessWeek: Jack Dorsey's Payment Startup Square Tries To Reinvent The Receipt

Square Market

Tech: (Ruby on Rails, HTML/SASS, JavaScript/Ember)

As a member of the original implementation team, I built the core interactions of the e-commerce platform and the interactive landing page to our designers’ specs.

Square Market is one of the main revenue drivers for Square's business. I saw the product grow from our original hackathon project, all the way to production. As well as building the product, I was on the ground with our users, learning more about their needs for growing their business & supporting their products.



TNW: Square branches out into e-commerce with new Square Market virtual stores for US businesses

Engadget: Square Market launches, provides easy online storefronts for small businesses

Wired: Square’s New Online Stores Could Make Twitter Where You Shop

Square Gift Cards

Tech: (JavaScript/Ember, HTML/SASS, CSS3 animations)

Built an Ember app for Square's Gift Card unboxing flow, a complex 3D web CSS animation, using Ember as a finite state machine to navigate through the various steps of the animation, for receiving a gift card through Square Wallet. 

See the animation in action


TutsPlus: How they did it

TNW: Square Wallet for iOS gets ability to send gift cards right from your store receipts

TechCrunch: Square Introduces Gift Cards: The Slow Death Of Physical Credit Cards And Cash Continues

FastCompany: Square Launches Gift Cards That Anyone Can Redeem, Even If You Don't Use Square


I specialize in helping small startups build new products, drawing from the industry experience I gained during my time at Square. Typically, I sit between design and back-end engineering to build beautiful, interactive experiences.

Operator's marketing site (Node, JavaScript, Heroku, HTML/SASS)

TM's agency portfolio site (custom Squarespace template

Outschool design advising (Javascript/React, HTML/SASS, design)


Square Maker's Market"Craft the Span" wall installation, 2012

Square Maker's Market, "Chairs" exhibitor, 2012

The Storefront, "Popsicle Wall" wall installation, 2013

Square Market's Market, "Give it Soul" wall installation, 2013

Square Maker's Market"Plant Feet" exhibitor, 2013

Index/Fist Zine, "Susita" published illustration & poem, 2014

Room & Makers"100 Portraits of Nicolas Cage", solo gallery show, 2014

Cafe la Vie, oil paintings solo show, 2014

Open Source Project: A simple word scramble game (code & product), 2014

Grace Hopper Conference, "Consistency in a Fragmented World: Strategies for Building Across Web, iOS, and Android, and More", speaker, 2014

Square, watercolor paintings solo show, 2015

Open Source Project: (code & product), 2015

Li & Fung, Executive Immersion Workshop, lead prototyper, 2015

30 Weeks, "Q&A on Building Design & Engineering Teams at Startups", speaker, 2015